We are Eco-Nature Renovation.

We do small, medium and large renovations. We have a complete team of RBQ licensed sub-contractors.

My Story

Learning about the construction of structures, buildings and houses have always been my passion. That is why I decided to get a Bachelor Degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University.

Those four years (2000-2004) gave me an in-depth understanding of house structures, heating & ventilation systems, Plumbing, Electrical and building envelope.

I do wear my Iron Ring very proudly as a symbol and a reminder – it states the duties and responsibilities of an engineer.

Real estate brokerage is what goes hand in hand with my university degree. I am very analytical and attentive to details. I have been actively working as a chartered real estate broker since 2005.

I am a tough negotiator, coached and continue to learn from a top hostage negotiator.

You would not want to have me on the other side of the negotiation table.

My vision has always been to provide valuable services to everyone including professionals, who have always well appreciated having someone to deal with everything from A to Z.


CEO & President




Site Manager

Melody & Dante

Big Bosses


We will help you design your space to your taste and budget. You will also enjoy discounts from our suppliers.


With our in-dept knowledge, many years of experience and latest tools we can diagnose and solve almost all issues.


Maintenance, Installation, Renovation, Extensions and new built are the contracts that we undertake


Backed with best lawyers, we will go after contractors who have vanished with your money without delivering what they were supposed to.

How we work.

1We will assess your needs. We will plan, suggest ideas and suggest alternatives.

2We will manage and execute your project based on the final design and your timeline.

3We will clean up, inspect & deliver your project on time, on budget.

We really do care. We enjoy helping people solve their problems.

Ali Shakeri